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International Support for Ashraf Residents

Palestine’s Physicians Club condemned banning of physicians from entering Ashraf at Rubaie’s order


In an interview with the Iraqi News Agency, Dr. Javad Awwad, chairman of the Palestine’s Physicians Club and member of the Palestine’s Medical Council, condemned preventing physicians entering Ashraf City at the order of Muwaffaq al-Rubaie and said: " No official with any given legitimacy and power has the authority to prevent a physician from carrying out his duty or deprive a patient from enjoying treatment, because the law has guaranteed this right for them and under no condition and in no location the patients could be deprived from such a right, particularly Ashraf residents who have been deprived from the most rudimentary medical care due to limitations and the siege they are facing." Desiring to send a Palestinian medical team to Ashraf City for treating patients, chairman of the Palestine’s Physicians Club said: "We will certainly be happy if we are able to help in this humanitarian issue."


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