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International Support for Ashraf Residents

Iraqi National Dialogue Council-Diyala called prevention of physicians to Ashraf hideous


Ashraf City
Ashraf City
The National Dialogue Council -Diyala branch called preventing physicians entering Ashraf a hideous action and flagrant violation of most preliminary humanitarian principles. In its statement, the council asserted: "For us as the National Dialogue Council -Diyala branch, it is a great concern to witness such inhumane behavior in the new Iraq. We regard this incident as a chain of pressures and suppressions that is carried out by Muwaffaq al-Rubaie against the Iraq’s guests that should is not stopped, will lead to a human catastrophe. We regard this measure as an insult to ourselves and our Arabic and Islamic values and ask strongly the Iraqi government to annul all limitations imposed on Ashraf City and ask the ICRC, US government and the MNFI command to intervene in this special humanitarian problem and to provide possibility of entrance of the physicians’ team for treating Ashraf residents.


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