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Paul Ryan criticized Obama’s foreign policy on dealing with Iran and Syria


US House Speaker Paul Ryan
US House Speaker Paul Ryan

WASHINGTON (AP) - House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday the whole world is watching American politics.
The Wisconsin Republican recently led a congressional delegation to the Middle East.
The congressional delegation traveled to Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Germany. Back on American soil, Ryan faulted President Barack Obama’s foreign policy on dealing with Iran and Syria, and said allies wanted to know if the United States is "still in the game."
He said allies were rattled a bit by administration policy.
Ryan, a foe of the international nuclear agreement with Iran, also expressed concern about business deals with Tehran and other outreach in the aftermath of the landmark pact that lifted years of economic sanctions in exchange for restrictions on its nuclear program.
"I worry about that," Ryan said. "I worry that so much toothpaste is going to get out of the tube that we’re not going to be able to put much back in. And I do believe that next year, with the new government, we need to put as much of this toothpaste back in the tube that we can."

Source:  The Associated Press, April 14