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Bogdan Wenta MEP: EU’s Iran policy must focus on human rights


Polish MEP, Bogdan Wenta
Polish MEP, Bogdan Wenta

Supports from European Parliament members from all across Europe continues for the democratic alternative and just Resistance to the tyrannical mullahs’ rule in Iran led by Mrs. Rajavi’s movement.
Bogdan Wenta, an MEP from Poland, wished Iranians a happy Persian New Year and welcomed Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi’s recent visit to the European Parliament.
 In his remarks to the Iranian Resistance Mr. Wenta said; “My name is Bogdan Wenta, I’m a member of the European Parliament from Poland. Allow me first to wish a very happy new year to those who are fighting for freedom and democracy in Iran. I am glad we had the opportunity recently to have Mrs. Rajavi here in the European Parliament.”
“We need to put human rights as our guidelines for policy making with Iran and influence Iranian authorities to put a halt to executions and human rights violations. If President Rouhani claims to be moderate he should show it by improving the human rights situation.”
“We have to do our best in helping the Iranian people in achieving their goal of a democratic Iran. I wish that this New Year after the nuclear agreement was signed will be a beginning for change in this country.”