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Iran: Women suffering horrible conditions in the notorious Evin Prison


Evin Prison in Tehran
Evin Prison in Tehran

A report recently surfaced describes the horrible condition of women inside Evin Prison in Tehran.
The women’s ward in Evin Prison has three rooms and a 5 by 5 meters kitchen with two 4-flame stoves. The women’s ward faces a serious shortage of beds and women are seen sleeping on the ground. In various months of the year (around June and July) the number of women prisoners increase significantly. The inmates of this ward face very serious problems in the winter seasons due to the lack of any gas services.
The prisoners, especially the mothers, are completely cut off from the outside world. All areas of this ward, with the exception of the restrooms, are under closed-circuit camera surveillance.
Security forces in this prison react severely to any reports published in the media about the conditions of this ward, depriving the political prisoners of visits and especially in person visits.
The prisoners in this ward face serious nutrition issues. The women prefer to purchase dry food stuffs from the prison store and not eat the low-quality food provided in the prison. Despite all this, they are also facing hygiene problems, left to eat expired food and also the fact that food stuffs are not available. Furthermore, the white meat provided in this prison is always expired.


(March 19, 2016)