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Iran: Youth starting the Feast of Fire ceremonies in Neyshabour


fire festival celebrations in Iran
fire festival celebrations in Iran

Exclusive reports from the city of Neyshabour, northeastern Iran indicates that the youth in the city have started the Fire Festivities with using fireworks and squibs marking the last Wednesday of the calendar year. The sound of firebombs can be heard all around the city.
Young boys and girls are taking part in these ceremonies away from the eyes of the suppressive state police. The country’s authorities have banned the use of fireworks and ordered the police and state security forces to arrest and apprehend those who neglect the ban.
But the youth are sticking to the nation’s tradition in celebrating the feast of fire on major streets and intersections. 
Despite early positioning of police and state security forces, all around the city, the youth and the people whose number much greater than the police, managed to hold their festivities.



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