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Iranian Youths Aim to Turn the ’Feast of Fire Festivals’ in to Anti-Gov. Protest


Feast of Fire Festivals
Feast of Fire Festivals

Social media reporters are campaigning for anti-government protest during the feast of fire celebrations. According to reports obtained on Friday, March 4th, in various areas of Isfahan, people, especially young boys and girls, have been preparing for Iran’s famous end-of-the-year ‘Fire Festivities’. Most of the people are in various parts of southern Isfahan gathering at evenings and nights and sounds of firecrackers are heard from a far distance. This is a type of invitation for the Fire Festivities celebrations.
This report added there are also sounds of firecrackers and similar scenes in the northern parts of Isfahan.
The Iranian people welcoming these festivities has always been a sign of protest to the ruling regime, whose senior officials continuously call on people to refrain from such activities.



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