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Iran: Poverty, social injustice and humiliation forced 4 women to commit suicide


More and more suicides in Iran under ‘moderate’ Rouhani
More and more suicides in Iran under ‘moderate’ Rouhani

"She came out of her manager’s office and jumped to her death from the second floor," explained one municipality worker in Tehran.
This woman who is identified by her initial ’H’ was working for section 13 of Tehran municipality. She threw herself off the second floor of the municipality building at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, March 2st, and regrettably lost her life.
This young woman, whose husband also works in the municipality, committed suicide due to problems at work,” state-run media reported.
A day earlier, on Tuesday, March 1st, three single sisters in one home in Tehran’s Nezam Abad district committed suicide by opening a gas hose. They unfortunately lost their lives.
Last week two women and one man in the cities of Tehran, Minudasht and Saghez committed suicide and unfortunately lost their lives. The increasing number of suicides in Iran under the mullahs’ rule is the result of poverty, unemployment and oppression, especially amongst women.



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