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Iran: Elections won’t make the regime more flexible, need for the U.S. counter of Iranian aggressions


Hallucination of reformist in Iran
Hallucination of reformist in Iran

Claims of a reformist triumph are overblown. Most of those in Rouhani’s coalition are, like him, do not favor liberalization of the political system or a moderation of Iran’s aspiration to become the hegemon of the Middle East.
For now, Iran can be expected to continue the course it has been pursuing in the months since the nuclear deal was struck: waging proxy wars against the United States and its allies around the Middle East, using its unfrozen reserves to buy weapons, and defying non-nuclear limits — such as by testing long-range missiles. The elections won’t make the regime more pliable, and they won’t change the need for a U.S. counter to its aggressions. They shouldn’t provide an excuse for the Obama administration to tolerate Tehran’s provocations.


Extracted from a Washington Post editorial, 3 March 2016