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To all women on the occasion of International Woman’s Day


Mrs. Sholeh Pakravan and her daughter Reyhaneh when she was a teenager
Mrs. Sholeh Pakravan and her daughter Reyhaneh when she was a teenager

Mrs. Sholeh Pakravan, the mother of Reyhaneh Jabbari who was executed back in 2014 at the bloody hands of the Iranian mullahs has given a message to honor the Woman’s Day. She writes;
On this Woman’s Day,
I am a woman, a woman who carries in her heart the cries of voiceless women from the deep dark ages. Women who are rated as second class people and in many parts of the world are deprived of their basic human rights. Women who are counted as war booties, women who are being bought and sold as slaves in the radicals’ markets even in the 21st century. Women who neither have right to choose for themselves, nor for their communities.
I am a woman who has sensed, with flesh and blood, the cries of innocent young girls, when they face the ugly threat of rape, but their just and fair actions to defend themselves are rewarded at the hanging platform. My own daughter was one of them who was hanged for defending her honor.
I am a mother, mother of a young girl who was sent to the gallows of mischief.  But I, as my daughter, and my daughter as thousands of other women have been strengthened through the alleys of pain and agony. We learnt that we can be women, while insist on our rights, we can be women, but change the hardship by patience, by being steadfast women, even if we have to pay the ultimate price, our lives.
My Reyhaneh is now part of the history, by persisting and persevering on her rights, she became a role model for other girls.
These stonehearted evils took my Reyhaneh from me and sent her to the gallows, unaware that the seed of Reyhan has been planted in the earth and thousands of other Reyhanehs would blossom greener and stronger from that seed, kind and steadfast Iranian girls that would grow stronger day by day and fight like heroes in the campaign for equality.
They are neither tools for satisfaction of others, nor are they afraid to hide behind them. They live womanly and fight the injustice womanly. They will build their world again and will conquer their destiny as heroes. They are the future of this earth, the earth that is the mother of all beings, and women have symbols of this great earth in themselves.
Congratulate all women on this Woman’s Day