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Bazaar merchants protest outside municipality in northern Iran


Protest rally in Sari, northern Iran [File Photo]
Protest rally in Sari, northern Iran [File Photo]

A group of merchants of Imam Reza Bazaar, fish merchants and the grand Sari Bazaar rallied outside the municipality office of this city in northern Iran and intended to stage a major protest gathering. 30 minutes later the police was dispatched to the site and prevented any such gathering by the merchants.
The state agents said this gathering is banned due to Friday’s elections.
However, the merchants refused to disperse and the police attempted to resort to force to scatter the crowd.
These measures led to protests and a number of merchants clashing with the police. Two of the storeowners were arrested.
The bazaar merchants are protesting municipality extortion for changing and renovating the old sections of the bazaar, changing the very appearance of the store and plans to pave asphalt roads outside the stores. The storeowners say they are already paying taxes for such projects, but the municipality resorts to force and again demands more money.