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Iran: Teacher is imprisoned for bogus charge of ’propaganda against the State’


Political prisoner Ismaeel Abdi
Political prisoner Ismaeel Abdi

A sentence of 6-year imprisonment has been passed on for the jailed Secretary-General of the Teachers Guild Center in Iran, Ismaeel Abdi by judge Salavati of branch 15 of Tehran’s “revolution” court.
Abdi’s lawyer learned of his client’s sentence yesterday morning, local news agencies reported. Abdi has been under illegal attention from June 27th to this day. He faced charges such as “assembly and collusion with the intention to disrupt public order” and “propaganda against the state” for his activities as the Secretary-General of the Teachers Guild Center and organizing and taking part in various rallies.
Abdi was last arrested on June 27th, 2015 when he went to the public prosecutor’s office in Evin Prison to ask why he had been banned from leaving the country. On that very day he was placed under hours of interrogation.
After his arrest he was transferred to solitary confinement in ward 2A of Evin Prison, a section controlled by the Revolutionary Guards, without any means to receive any visits by his family or lawyer. He remained under interrogation and was transferred to Evin’s ward 8 on August 16th. This ward has the worst conditions in Evin Prison and a number of political prisoner and prisoners of conscience are held in this section, in violation of the principle of separating prisoners based on their crimes.


(Teachers & Workers’ Rights website – February 21, 2016)