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Iranian women are facing social injustice


social injustice against women in Iran
social injustice against women in Iran

A member of Tehran city council discussed the social injustice against women in Iran’s society.
“Women and children in urban areas are not in good conditions and most of them are in harm’s way. These individuals are mainly amongst the weak sector of society and each year their numbers are increased. For example, from March 2013 to March 2014 the number of people sleeping in the streets was 12,000, with 3,000 being women and children,” Fateme Daneshvar said.
“Regarding women sleeping in the streets, recently their numbers have increased and I believe the issue is in economic problems. Furthermore, unemployment along with increasing inflation and recession amongst economic corporations, have brought about social problems that lesser people talk about,” Daneshvar added.


( February 17, 2016)



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