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On the eve of the sham twin elections in Iran, 6 young men humiliatingly paraded in cities to intensify repression in society


In Iran, a disgusting punishment, humiliating prisoners
In Iran, a disgusting punishment, humiliating prisoners

On February 16, in an antihuman measure, the suppressive forces humiliatingly paraded four young men in the streets of Tabriz. One was charged with serving water pipe and setting up a teahouse at his home. As he was paraded with his hands enchained, he agonizingly cried: “I am hungry. I have a family. Give me a job. If I have a job, I will not serve water pipe.”
Similarly, on February 10, security forces paraded two young men in Farhang Street of city of Sari who made a living by collecting trash on the charge of breaking the glasses of a shop.
The clerical regime that more than ever is fearful of the eruption of popular rage and protests, especially by a youth fed up with poverty, unemployment and suppression, has resorted among other things to the antihuman punishment of parading young men in city streets in order to ramp up the climate of terror in the society.
The Iranian Resistance expresses its strong abhorrence for this antihuman and arbitrary punishment and calls on the people, especially the valiant youth, not to tolerate this barbarity by the real thugs who are none other than the leaders of the Iranian regime. The Iranian Resistance calls on human rights agencies, especially those involved with the rights of the child and the youth, to take effective measures to halt this cruel punishment in Iran.


Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 18, 2016