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Torture, harassment and coerced confessions in Iran’s detention centers


Coerced Confessions, torture in Iran detention centers
Coerced Confessions, torture in Iran detention centers

Based on recent announcement by Tehran police Chief Hossein Sajedi-nia, the Suppressive State Security forces have arrested over 100 individuals in the Iranian capital city according to a plan dubbed “Taking action against disruptors of social order and hooligans.”
From early to mid-January around 165 individuals have been arrested by the police in Tehran. The family of one of the individuals arrested under this plan said a number of those detained had no previous judicial records and they were detained for the first time.
An informed source said the number of individuals apprehended under this pretext is 165, adding all these individuals are under pressure and torture in various detention centers to confess to various charges. A number of these apprehended individuals were under the age of 18 and others were apprehended at a later time for merely printing telephone conversations of the first individuals, this source added.
“Pulling one’s fingers to different sides”, “Series of slaps”, “Insults and threats against mothers, wives and sisters” and … are a number of the torture methods used against these individuals in the absence of a lawyer. These individuals are also deprived of any contact with the outside world in order to place further pressure to succumb to the authorities’ demands.


(State-run Fars news agency – February 14, 2016)