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Iran: Unprecedented level of factional infighting as the key elections day fast approaching


Factional infighting in Iran
Factional infighting in Iran

Iranian fundamental regime’s Supreme Leader Khamenei warned the government of Hassan Rouhani of any shenanigans during the upcoming elections set for February 26th.
“Government officials should not get involved in election propaganda and the newspapers,” he said.
“When elections are opened for all, the country and Islamic republic is honored and insured,” Khamenei wrote in his website after disqualifying more than 95% of Rouhani-Rafsanjani faction candidates.
Speaking before a gathering of Air Force commanders, Khamenei admitted to crises such as “recession, unemployment and inflation”.
“One is utterly ashamed to purchase foreign fruits in such a prestigious country,” he said.
Being the main element behind Iran’s crumbling economy, Khamenei attempted to hold the rival faction responsible for the country’s economic ordeals.
“Being caught off-guard of the enemy is nothing to be proud of. The enemy will also strike a blow while presenting itself as a friend,” he said.