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Iranian regime president defends sending IRGC troops to Iraq, Syria


Iran meddling in Syris and Iraq
Iran meddling in Syris and Iraq
The clerical regime’s President explained why such a large number of Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) commanders have been killed in Syria, and why the Iranian regime continues to send more troops to Syria and Iraq, state-run IRIB reported on Monday, February 8th.
“If brave commanders had not [fought the enemy] in Baghdad, Samara, Fallujah, Tikri and Ramadi, and if they didn’t provide support in Damascus and Aleppo, and if it were not for the bravery of the army, IRGC, police and Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS/VEVAK), we would not be enjoying security and would not have been able to negotiate as we do today,” he said.
“We have suffered whenever the devil has been able to cause divides between us,” Rouhani said on the rising crises inside the regime’s ranks and files over the upcoming sham elections


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