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Poverty and misery spreads its wings throughout Iran


Poverty in Iran
Poverty in Iran

Following the nuclear agreement with the world power and Iran, disputes and infighting flares up between rival factions inside the Iranian clerical regime establishment, regime officials are shedding light on cases of massive thefts.
“We have 200,000 families that are completely broke in Tehran. Furthermore, there are 15,000 people sleeping in the streets of the capital, alongside to a few thousand Porsche cars and towers being built in Tehran. I am willing to take officials to houses where they can sit and cry all night,” Ghasemian, a commander of the Imam Reza Base, said in a TV interview.
“Living like nobles and the gap between various classes rising amongst government officials are making the entire issue even more complex. When members of parliament exit their homes in uptown Tehran and use the phrase ‘our society,’ we have to understand that they are mentioning uptown Tehran,” he added.
Ghasemian referred to Iranian president Hassan Rouhani’s recent trip to Europe and a contract to purchase 118 Airbus planes from France.
“Let’s actually pretend that purchasing an intercontinental plane is in our interests economically, and we can truly pay the leases. However, we have to take into notice what percentage of the people actually benefit from purchasing these airplanes? The profit of this purchase is poured into the pockets of less than 2% of the population! Officials should know that foreign trips and meeting with European presidents are not more important than resolving poverty in our own country!”



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