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Missiles and rockets raining down on Syrian people are paid out of Iranian people’s account


Iran missile strike in Syria
Iran missile strike in Syria

On Wednesday, February 3rd an Iranian from the city of Tehran had called and described the conditions of youths in Iran, and how the country’s wealth is spent on anything but the people’s needs.
“People thought the sanctions would be lifted and all the economic problems would be resolved. Today, however, economic recession has engulfed the entire country, crippled the economy; there are no jobs or incomes, everyone is angry at the government. But in the parliament they are disputing about their own factional disputes. Most of my friends and co-workers are in the industries and economic jobs, and they cannot believe it because they thought something would change after all the widespread propaganda the government launched about the nuclear deal and claiming economic development would come afterwards. However, there is no economic development and we have no technologies in Iran.
“We as Iranians are upset and we are only witnessing that everything in this country is being plundered and all the people’s wealth is wasted. In Iran we have no economy or industrial production lines. What are we going to do when the oil dries up? If you have a bad tooth no one has the money to go to a dentist, and they are forced to simply have it pulled out.
“There is no more happiness in this country, all the youths are depressed. We in Tehran see no expansion. Those in the government just don’t understand the people’s problems. Politically speaking the government selects anyone they wish. All the country’s wealth has been plundered and wasted.
“Unfortunately the streets are full of narcotics. As if there is no organ to prevent this spread of narcotics. I saw a young drug addict in Tehran’s highway and he was freezing in the winter cold. People don’t even have money to buy clothes for themselves.
“Unfortunately no one is listening. Shah’s government was full of rich men. Right now it is a so-called Islamic country, but a number of people have provided for their own leisure and don’t understand the pains of the people in 3rd and 4th class. The weak are victimized and skyrocketing prices have left nothing for the people. However, the government is only thinking about its own interests. These are the conditions we are seeing in the capital in Tehran, God knows what circumstances those in other cities are living in. They probably don’t even have the basics. I was calculating that each missile they fire in Yemen or any other place means one less meal to eat for the Iranian people, so they can be equipped.
“They claim they are protecting sanctuaries [in Syria]. They take this country’s money and spend it in their wars in Syria and Yemen, and are leading the country’s youth to their deaths there.”



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