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Iran Freedom Strugglers Association condemns Rouhani’s visit to France


Iranian condemns Rouhanis visit to Paris
Iranian condemns Rouhanis visit to Paris

The Iran Freedom Strugglers Association wrote in its statement:
We in the Iran Freedom Strugglers Association condemn the fact that Mullah Rouhani is welcomed in France. He is a criminal and must be placed on trial before an international tribunal, and not be welcomed by other countries.
While Mullah Rouhani portrays himself as a moderate outside of Iran, Western government must know that for 25 years he was Secretary of the Khomeini regime’s Security Council and involved in repression against the Iranian people.
During his tenure of the past 2½ years he has been the record-holder of executions with more than 2,000 people being sent to the gallows, while thousands are on death row in Iran.
A president who under his watch has turned our country into the largest prison for journalists, enforced crackdown measures against its main opposition inside the country and abroad, and dispatched the Revolutionary Guards to massacre and oppress the Syrian people.
Welcoming Hassan Rouhani in countries who view themselves as the cradles of democracy, human rights and freedoms is unacceptable for us in the Iran Freedom Strugglers Association and we condemn this measure.
They should know that the Iranian people will never forget those who placed their hands in the hands of murderers of the Iranian people.
Iran Freedom Strugglers Association