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Iran: workers of IRGC-linked ship manufacturing on strike


Protest rally in Bushehr in southern Iran
Protest rally in Bushehr in southern Iran
Workers of the Sadra Ship Manufacturing Company, affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards in Bushehr in southern Iran, refused to show up at work on Sunday, December 13th.
“It has been a month since the company is closed down. The official employees have not received their paychecks for 4 months and the contract workers haven’t received any paychecks since June,” a worker said.
The workers have warned the company if they don’t receive their paychecks on Tuesday, December 16 they will hold another rally outside of the factory and close the company’s gates.
This company has been granted to a member of the IRGC under the pretext of privatization, and they are known to be very late on providing the paycheck of their workers and employees.


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