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Rising toll of killed high ranking IRGC commanders, mercenaries in Syria


A number of senior IRGC commanders killed in Syria
A number of senior IRGC commanders killed in Syria
The rising number of death toll of the Iranian regime’s IRGC commanders and personnel has caused huge concern for both the elite and the foot soldiers in Iran. The dissent among the low ranking guards who refrain from going to Syria for fighting for the dictator Assad in sharply incrasing.
The bodies of those killed in recent days including many members of the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and the paramilitary Bassij, Afghan mercenaries, and a cleric have been transferred to Iran for burial, as the Iranian regime’s casualty rate in Syria mounts, state media reported.
IRGC members Hossein Dad Ahmadi, Morteza Zare, Sajad Moradi and Yahya Barati who have been killed in Syria, had been dispatched from cities of Isfahan and Kashan to Syria to fight for Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, the state-run Fars News Agency reported on Friday.
The same news agency reported IRGC First Lieutenant Yahya Barati was from Isfahan Province. No unit affiliation was provided.
IRGC Major Sajjad Moradi and IRGC Captain Morteza Zare were member of the so-called 108th Battalion of the IRGC 14th Imam Hossein Division based in Isfahan province.
An IRGC Commander along with three other members of the IRGC from Mazandaran Province, northern Iran, were also killed in Syria. Moharram Ali Moradkhani, Ruhollah Saharaei, Abdolrahim Firouzabadi, and Mostafa Sheikholeslami were killed in Syria on Monday. Moradkhani held the rank of Colonel.
Three other members of the regime’s forces including a cleric from Khuzestan, southern Iran, were killed in Syria.
Mojtaba Abolghasemi, a member of the Bassij Organization in Dezful, Khuzestan province, the commander of the Bassij Beit ol Moghaddas Rapid Reaction Battalion based in Dezful was killed.
Asgar Charghandi, a cleric, and IRGC Sgt. 1C Ehsan Fathi from Khuzestan province were also killed.
The recent casualties also included two IRGC Navy members.
IRGC Colonel Sattar Mahmoudi from Bushehr province was the “air defense commander” for the Fifth IRGC Navy District stationed at Bandar Bushehr. He was reportedly killed in the vicinity of Latakia, Syria.
Habib Rouhi Chokami from Gilan province, northern Iran, was identified as being a member of the IRGC Navy “commandos.”
Two Afghan mercenaries, Mehdi Akhlaghi, a member of the Afghan Shi’a militia Fatimiyoun Brigade, and 17-year-old Mehdi Ahmadi were also among the recent casualties in Syria.