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1040 Iraqi lawyers express solidarity with Camp Liberty residents, speak out against Iranian regime interference in Iraq


Camp Liberty under sieg
Camp Liberty under sieg

04 December 2015 - Over a thousand Iraqi lawyers condemned the latest plot by the Iranian regime’s intelligence ministry (MOIS) and the Governmental Committee tasked to suppress Camp Liberty residents at the Iraqi prime ministry against the residents of Camp Liberty in Iraq.
The signatories of this statement emphasized that taking MOIS agents to parliament of Iraq and portraying them as families of Camp Liberty residents on November 25 is a plot by Faleh Fayyad, and Abbas Bayati, an Iraqi MP well known for close links to the Iranian regime, that has been carried out with the assistance of Iranian regime’s embassy in Baghdad.
The Iraqi lawyers emphasized that the true families of Camp Liberty residents have been requesting visas from Iraq’s embassies all over the world to come and visit their loved ones, then how come they have not been granted visas for a visit? There are at least 400 such families in European countries and the United States who wish to see their loved ones, but are denied.
The 1040 lawyers called on Iraqi parliamentarians and national figures to stop such suspicious and illegal acts.
They voiced their support for visas to be issued to the real families of the residents so that they may come and visit their loved ones and further called on Iraq’s foreign ministry to make the necessary arrangements for the President of the International Committee in Search of Justice (ISJ) Mr. Alejo-Vidal Quadras, and president of the European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA) Mr. Struan Stevenson, along with representatives from independent Iraqi jurists and other prominent figures such as Sid Ahmed Ghozali, former Prime Minister of Algeria, to be able to visit Camp Liberty.