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NCRI’s Elaheh Azimfar: Perpetrators of Paris Attacks don’t represent Islam


Elaheh Azimfar
Elaheh Azimfar

Elaheh Azimfar of the main Iranian opposition coalition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) says the perpetrators of the November 13 Paris attacks don’t represent Islam.
"We are in Place de la République in Paris to express our sympathy and solidarity with the French people and with the families of the victims of the violent terrorist act last Friday in Paris. We are here to tell them that what happened is not related to Islam and has nothing to do with Islam," Ms. Azimfar said on Thursday, November 19.
"Islamic extremism is an evil ideology. Islamic fundamentalism is not compatible with the teachings of the true religion. Our leader Maryam Rajavi has condemned this attack and she was the first Muslim leader to denounce this, and she called on all Muslims of the world to do the same thing."
"This is a duty for all Muslims all over the world to speak out against this violent act. Also it is a duty for Western governments and Western people to unite with the tolerant and democratic Muslims and to give their backing to those who believe in a different version of Islam and who want a peaceful world for everyone."
She said that true Muslims are against the "brutal acts which are being carried out under the name of Islam."
"We have experienced this ourselves in Iran under a religious dictatorship which has victimized and terrorized our own people under the name of Islamic extremism. So we fully understand the present situation of French people. They have all our sympathy in this, and we will stand with them, and we should be united hand-in-hand against Islamic fundamentalism."



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