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What must be done in the face of ISIS’ wave of horrific crimes in Paris?


National Council of Resistance of Iran condemns Paris attacks
National Council of Resistance of Iran condemns Paris attacks

The series of crimes committed by ISIS on Friday, November the 13th in Paris shocked the world. Political and spiritual leaders from across the globe launched a wave of sympathy with the victims, France and the grieving families. This included a very meaningful message issued by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance who condemned these dark and anti-humane crimes by ISIS. She specifically emphasized that this crime and criminals have nothing to do with Islam and the fundamental values of freedom, liberty, peace and love for all mankind underscored in the faith of Islam.
Amongst all this, analysts have realized that various deceitful expressions of sympathy with the criminals of this catastrophe are actually in line with ISIS criminals and expressed with the motive of further encouraging such crimes. These remarks are fundamentally aimed at placing the blame of this bloodbath on the shoulders of the victims themselves, here being French leaders. In this regard the remarks made by a number of senior Iranian regime officials remind us of the norm seen in fundamentalist rulers of Iran who have through the course of the past four decades always placed the blame of their crimes on the shoulders of their victims, especially the resistant Iranian people themselves (Refer to NCRI statement entitled “Mullahs’ regime’s despicable jubilance and attempt to exploit Paris terrorist catastrophe” issued on November 14, 2015).
It very heartwarming to hear that French leaders and the most important political and spiritual leaders of the world have emphasized on their will to continue this struggle against the perpetrators and roots of this crime to the very end. In this regard we find it necessary to highlight the following:
1. The most vital and urgent of all objectives sought in this series of crimes, and actually all of ISIS’ crimes and those of similar fundamentalists, can be summarized in two main headers that need to be taken into consideration in the struggle against these criminals.
These two evil goals are: terrorizing people across the globe to feel as if they are facing a wave of unstoppable and vicious barbarians that we cannot and should not rise against, and that conciliation is the better option. One significant example is the appeasement policy adopted during the past four decades that has resulted in neglecting all the crimes committed by the fundamentalists ruling Iran.
The second goal is to portray these criminals as Muslims by spreading this falsehood that these vicious methods are resorted to due to their loyalty to the “foundations” of Islam. They are on the verge of depicting this idea that rising against them will mean taking a stance against nearly 2 billion Muslims across the globe, and ultimately rendering it impossible.

2. Taking these goals into consideration, we must all be very alert and be responsible in our actions against whatever may be in line with promoting these two objectives. The ultimate vulnerability of this mentality and all the criminals following such a viewpoint can be clearly seen in the image of the main current example of these criminal trends, being the mullahs’ regime in Iran. This regime came to power by hijacking the waves of the Iranian people’s anti-dictatorship revolution and usurping power. However, due to the perseverance of the Iranian from all walks of life that have endured cruelty, especially the women and hardworking laborers, and the organized Iranian Resistance in the epicenter of all this, instead of stabilizing its rule and spreading its roots during this period, this regime is day by day inching closer and closer to its all-out destruction and crumbling at the hands of the people and their resistance movement.
To this end, we must strengthen and inspire this belief and faith that resistance and taking a definite stance against this dark wave of crimes is the only correct road ahead. These criminals, under whatever name and pretext, under the banner of Islam or struggling against large, medium and various size “Satans” that may have risen, in the modern world of humane awakening and glorious resistance in Iran and other neighboring countries of the region, such a perspective has no chance of spreading its roots amongst the people.

3. On the claims of Islam and other misleading slogans that these criminals resort to, everyone must take this important matter into consideration, and adjust our actions on this basis that Islam is far different from these promoters of death and destruction.  In this regard, Muslim scholars bear special responsibilities and their prophecy is far greater than merely condemning these crimes by fundamentalists. There is a need for complete and effective alliance with active and existing groups of resistance in Iran and the region. Any Muslim individual or entity remaining silent in the face of these crimes will never be forgiven, and Muslims and dignitaries living in targeted countries such as France today bear much more urgent responsibilities. This is similar to dignitaries and entities in the countries permanently targeted by these criminals, such as Iran, Syria and other countries of the Middle East, Africa and … 

4. Amongst all this the most important and long-term explanatory measures are in-depth descriptions of the values and objectives of Islam. Explaining how based on the text of the Quran, and the methods adopted by the Great Prophet of Islam, Mohammed, are loyal to freedom of religion and acting based on the teachings of Islam, respecting others’ religions, security and rights. It is remarkable that again and again Islam goes quite far and very clearly emphasizes the prohibition of insults against even the clay gods of idolaters, banning injustice against the enemy and extreme measures in the face of the enemy’s aggressions. These teachings are more powerful than any evidence and other means that all domineering rulers, who erect their palaces of power and evil. and legitimized their theft and plundering of people’s wealth under the pretext of Islam, were all actually lying and deceiving their nations to such an extent. Their fake products and lies will be revealed through the re-teachings of true Islam.

5. Amongst all this, one risk must never be forgotten, being parallel to having a common voice and unwanted collaboration with this bloody wave of terror and fear. The risk is to differentiate between the various branches of terrorist fundamentalists that have differing exteriors, and portray themselves as if they are actually in quarrel with each other, and at times propagating and launching attacks against each other.

The Iranian regime which is the successful model and an open exporter of this kind of terrorism to the region, pretends that it is fighting ISIS in Iraq. The ISIS also launches a bloody attack every once in a while on a Shiite mosque. This is while it is common knowledge that there is serious cooperation among the upper echelons of these two poles, including Al-Qaeda and ISIS, with the Iranian mullahs. Both branches and models of Islamic fundamentalism are similarly dangerous to the same extent for world peace and security. Their tactics in this regard are not different at all. Both of them are pursuing an anachronistic government which is imposed on everyone – Muslim and non-Muslim -- through force and terror, by resorting to a medieval Sharia law and rules that are absolutely anti-democratic and violate basic human rights for both Muslims and non-Muslims. They advance this evil intention together and in joint cooperation, even in tactics. Will the world and especially the people of France ever forget that Paris was repeatedly terrorized by Tehran mullahs’ terrorists and even the stores and public places were bombed and blown up?
While expressing profound sympathy with the people of France and humanity wounded by unforgivable atrocity of ISIS and its accomplices, we must reiterate in faith that active, comprehensive and steadfastness resistance against this cruelty will inevitably lead to the certain victory of humanity and victory of light over darkness of barbarism.
Long live all-out and steadfast resistance against oppression and criminal oppressors

National Council of Resistance of Iran Committee on Freedom of Religions
Jalal Ganjeii
November 15, 2015



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