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موضع موفق الربيعي

Prominent Egyptian personalities underscore Ashraf residents’ rights


Saturday, December 27, 2008 A number of prominent Egyptian personalities stressed guaranties for Ashraf residents’ rights and protection based on international laws and conventions and based on Islamic and moral principles and Arabic hospitality. Dr. Muhammad Saeed Abd al-Dhaher, professor of political science and expert in security and strategy affairs, said:: "Such a threat against the officials of Ashraf City and the PMOI is denounced because they have been disarmed and they have not committed any direct action against the Iranian regime after Iraq’s occupation. The MNF-I protected them since the beginning , and now what has happened? Therefore, it is likely that there is a deal or at least some sort of compromise between Iran and the US the price of which is the PMOI and Ashraf residents. " Wahid al-Qasri, head of the Arabic Egypt party and Member of Parliament, said: These remarks are provocative and does not represent the dignity of the Iraqi people and their well-known noble hospitality. However the bulk of the issue is the conspiracy that has targeted the lives of these people in Ashraf. We as politicians strongly denounce such efforts from the standpoint of humanitarianism, human rights and freedom of opinion and opposition. We ask for an urgent political action to prevent any disaster. The world must have a clear and distinct stance in this regard proposed by international organizations. Ahmad al-Fadhali, Advisor in legal affairs, member of parliament and head of Social Peace party, said: Such efforts show the pillars of social peace and freedom of human being and its natural rights willing to live in his own country and live on a piece of land. All benevolent forces across the world and especially in the Arab world must act quickly and ask for the legal protection for all refugees everywhere, especially for the residents of Ashraf in Iraq.


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