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Saudi Arabia, France agree regional conflicts must be solved politically


Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubair
Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubair
Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) - 14/10/2015 - Saudi Arabia and France said on Tuesday that conflicts in Syria, Yemen and Iraq should be solved politically, while expressing their support for the Middle East peace process.
Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubair, at a joint news conference with his French counterpart Laurent Fabius, said Assad has no future in Syria because he was behind the destruction and bloodshed in the country.
The Syrian conflict can be solved politically through the formation of a transitional council to run the affairs of the country, or militarily by supporting the moderate opposition, he said. "Assad has no place in either options," he added.
Al-Jubair said Saudi Arabia would continue its support for the Syrian people and would not abandon them.
On Yemen, Al-Jubair said the Saudi-led Arab coalition aimed at restoring legitimacy in the country and liberating Yemen from the Houthis and their allies.
He said Iran was present in Yemen and was supplying the Houthis with weapons.
Al-Jubair meanwhile said he and Fabius discussed Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and the Palestinian cause.
Fabius for his part hoped the conflicts in the region would be solved politically.
He said France was member of the international coalition fighting so-called Islamic State (ISIL).
Earlier in the day, Saudi Arabia and France signed USD 10 billion economic and investment agreements in fields of health care, information technology, agriculture, finance and nuclear partnership.