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Iran: Zahedan political prisoner issue statement in support of upcoming “No2Rouhani” rally in NY


Zahedan Central Prison
Zahedan Central Prison
Political prisoners in Zahedan Central Prison of southeastern Iran issued a statement expressing their support for the massive “No2Rouhani” rally to be held this Monday outside the United Nations in New York protesting the presence of Hassan Rouhani.
“During Rouhani’s tenure the number executions, torture, illegal arrests and rights violations against teachers and worker have intensified and human rights violations are skyrocketing throughout society, especially inside prison.
“We call on the United Nations Secretary-General and other diplomatic delegations and countries claiming to uphold human rights to protest the atrocious status quo in Iran, and specially call for the release of all political prisoners in Iran.
“We also call on all Iranians abroad to the take part in the protest rally and march outside the United Nations Headquarters to express your opposition to the crimes committee in the prisons and across the society. Be the voice of us innocent political prisoners.”
The signatories of this statement are:
Abdul-ghafar Naghshbandi – Mohammad Malek Abadiyan, - Hadi Abadiyan – Javad Abadiyan – Mohammad Amin Agushi – Iraj Mohammadi – Ayub Rigi – Abdulghani Rigti – Hameze Rigi