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Public execution in Ardestan, central Iran


Public executions escalating in Iran after nuclear deal
Public executions escalating in Iran after nuclear deal
A prisoner by the name of Saeed Zargari was executed public at the Dadgostari (judiciary) Square in the city of Ardestan, central Iran. The charges raised against this prisoner were theft and kidnapping. (State-run IRIBnews.ir website – September 16, 2015)
In other reports, last Wednesday Iran sent 8 prisoners to the gallows in Gohardasht Prison, Karaj, west of Tehran. Two young men aged 22 and 24 were amongst those hanged today. These victims were sent to solitary confinement the day before.
The names of five of these inmates are: Morteza Ahmad-Beigiha, Mohammad Marzban, Mehdi Kahe, Davoud Alam-Beigi and Mohammad Mohammadi.
In other reports, a prisoner by the name of Ra’uf Hassani was hanged in Sanandaj Central Prison (western Iran) in the early hours of Wednesday morning.  He had already endured 13 years behind bars and was transferred to solitary confinement on Tuesday in preparations for his execution.
The P5+1 signing a nuclear agreement with Iran has allowed Khamenei and Rouhani to re-launch their execution campaign, with more and more reports of people being sent to the gallows each day.


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