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Iran: 100 deaths & 1,700 people injured in road accidents in last 3 days alone!


Road accidents in Iran [File Photo]
Road accidents in Iran [File Photo]
In the past three days 1,300 road accidents have been registered in Iran, taking the lives of 100 people and injuring 1,700 others. The state-run E’temad daily has described this as a catastrophe.
Casualties suffered in Iran’s roads are 20 times above global standards
The latest statistics published by the Iranian regime’s own Forensics Organization shows that in the past 10 years over 219,000 people have lost their lives in road accidents, and over 2.8 million others have been injured. These numbers reveal that Iran alone has 5.1% of all road deaths in the world, which is 20 times above the global standards. Road deaths are so high in Iran that at times it is considered the highest death factor in the country.


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