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Battles in various fronts of Yemen


Popular resistance forces and Yemen National Army troops
Popular resistance forces and Yemen National Army troops
Battles are continuing in various fronts of Yemen, Al Arabiya TV reported.
Sana’a is witnessing air strikes on the bases of special security forces, the communications department, police academy and a number of homes belonging to commanders of troops loyal to ousted dictator Ali Abdullah Salah and other militants.
Popular resistance forces in Ma’rib, along with Yemen National Army troops in various areas have made advances and taken control over militia positions.
In Shabwa Province a convoy of militants became the target of air strikes, leaving dozens of militants killed.
In al-Bayda Province popular resistance forces staged a major attack on Houthi militants’ bases, leaving dozens killed and injured.
Ma’rib Province also witnessed the heaviest clashes. Arab coalition and Yemen National Army troops have rallied their forces and clashed with Houthi rebels. The coalition and Yemen forces enjoy air coverage, taking over areas west of this province.


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