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Iran: media censors part of Khamenei speech


Khamenei speaking about his own death
Khamenei speaking about his own death
Official Iranian news agencies censored part of Khamenei’s speech delivered on Wednesday before a number of Revolutionary Guards commanders, where he specifically mentioned his possible death.
These state-run Iranian news agencies had first posted all of Khamenei’s words and foreign news agencies and media had covered the remarks. However, hours later a segment of Khamenei’s remarks were deleted from the official news agency reports.
In his speech Khamenei had emphasized on the necessity of general awareness in the face of enemy tactics, saying the enemies "are waiting for a time when the nation and system fall asleep, for example in 10 years when I may not be here, to realize their objectives.”
Hours later Iran’s official news agency changed this part of the speech and wrote, “They are waiting for a time when the nation and system fall asleep to realize their objectives. However the nation and officials will not allow the devilish hopes of foreigners about the nation falling asleep be realized.”
Considering the fact that these changes were made in a wide variety of media outlets, it is certain that senior Iranian regime officials ordered state-run news agencies and other media outlets take such measures.
In the meantime, media outlets outside of Iran had actually posted this segment of Khamenei’s speech and many even used it in their bolded titles.


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