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Unprecedented victory: Syria rebels take over many regions, Assad bases near Damascus


Syrian rebels
Syrian rebels
Syrian rebels are fighting in a number of fronts in East Ghouta near Damascus. Orient TV reported an unprecedented victory for the rebels in East Ghouta. Two days of clashes allowed the rebels to be able to infiltrate into the lines of the Assad military forces and force them to flee the area. Dozens of Assad troops were killed and injured, and the bodies of many were left on the scene.
Syrian rebels have also been able to make advances to the Damascus-Homs International Highway, and they were able to cut off this passage in the Adra region. This victory has placed the rebels just steps away from the Syrian capital.
These defeats forced the Assad regime to dispatch 6 busses of Lebanese Hezbollah forces from bases of plainclothes agents in the Zeinabiya district.
Furthermore, the Assad regime has been transferring military equipment to East Ghouta to prevent the rebels’ advance.