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EU ministerial session on refugee crisis ends with no results


Father of migrating family arrested in Hungary
Father of migrating family arrested in Hungary
As Hungary decides to block its main border with Serbia, senior European Union migration affairs chief Dimitris Avramopoulos said an EU Interior Ministers session on Monday focused on how to divide and house the wave of asylum seekers ended with no results.
EU members were seeking a method to transfer and house 120,000 asylum seekers, yet they faced serious opposition from countries in central and eastern Europe.
In the meantime, following recent measures by Germany in stepping up security controls on its borders, Austria and Slovakia have announced they will resort to similar practices and escalate border controls. Poland and the Netherlands, too, said they will place more guards on their borders.
These measures are implemented as the wave of asylum seekers fleeing war-stricken countries are on the rise, desperately attempting to reach Europe in search of safety.