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Iran: Gavkhuni everglades dry up, again!


More and more everglades drying up in Iran
More and more everglades drying up in Iran

In July, after 10 years water was re-entering Iran’s Gavkhuni everglades. However, water in these lagoons is once again being dried up as it is being allocated to other uses.
According to research mismanagement of water sources in Iran is provoking changes in weather and more droughts, leading to 600 everglades and lakes drying up completely to this day, a senior Environment Organization official in Iran said. Dam construction, improper water extraction and industrial companies stationing in various cities have no congruity with environment conditions in these cities. This is a clear example of water resources mismanagement.
The Gavkhuni everglades has an area of 476 square kilometers and located 167 kilometers southeast of Isfahan adjacent to the town of Varzane and near the sand hilltops of this region.

 (State-run Ana News website – September 9, 2015)