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Women in Iran: from unemployment to sleeping on the streets


Homeless women sleeping in the streets of Iran
Homeless women sleeping in the streets of Iran
Currently the phenomenon of homeless women sleeping on the streets has increased dramatically in Iran. This social problem has spread to such an extent that it is revealing the true nature of the mullahs’ regime and exposing the bogus promises made by Hassan Rouhani at the start of his tenure.
Habibollah Masoudi-Farid, deputy of social affairs in the regime’s Welfare Organization said around 15,000 to 17,000 homeless people are sleeping in the streets in Iran these days.
“Of this number around 1% are children, and 5 to 10% are women,” he added.
Farzad Hushiyar, a senior official in Tehran’s municipality had said a few months ago this year, “Nearly 3,000 people sleeping in the streets are rounded up each night in Tehran, and 90% of them are drug addicts.” (State-run ISNA news agency – September 5, 2015)
In the meantime, Shahindokht Molavardi, Hassan Rouahni’s vice president in women and family affairs said on September 6 that unemployment has reached over 40% amongst educated women in Iran. She went on to emphasize that unemployment is the most important economic challenge facing the country.
“We are witnessing college-educated girls and single mothers having major problems finding jobs,” she added. (State-run Shahrekhabar website – September 6, 2015)


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