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Iran: Demolishing a Christian social club in Tehran


Iran suppressive regime destroys people livelihoods
Iran suppressive regime destroys people livelihoods

Mullahs’ regime security forces demolished a social club belonging to the Christian community of the capital Tehran. According to a statistics, more than 300 churches and Christian religious congregations have been destroyed or brought down in mullahs’ ruled Iran and dozens more are left half destroyed without permit to rebuild or repair.
The head of the Christian Churches’ Council of Tehran protested the destruction of this community club saying they had no right to destroy the building for expanding a parking lot. "This half destroyed building has left us with only one option to bring down the entire building," the head of the council said. 
The building was an ancient treasure with more than 100 years history. Illegal and unscientific construction for expanding the parking lot has caused this ancient building to collapse and burring priceless artifacts, paintings and historical documents under tons of dirt.
It is worth noting that the suppressive and anti-human regime of the mullahs have resorted to dirty schemes of destroying Christian churches by either illegal construction in the adjacent blocks to weaken the foundation of the church, forcing the building to collapse or openly bringing down the building in front of everybody’s eyes.  



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