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Kuwait MP calls for Iran’s embassy to be closed


Kuwait MP Majid Mousa
Kuwait MP Majid Mousa
Kuwait Times reported on Saturday, September 5th citing Kuwait MP Majid Mousa calling for an end in diplomatic relations between Kuwait and Iran, and Tehran’s embassy to be closed in Kuwait City. This MP described the Iranian embassy issuing a statement regarding the terrorist cell linked to Hezbollah and Iranian elements as meddling in Kuwaiti internal affairs.
Majid Mousa called Iranian embassy efforts in Kuwait as Tehran’s mullahs playing a dirty role and far from political and diplomatic customs. He went on to call on the Kuwait Foreign Ministry to bring an end to these measures by the Iranian embassy.
Kuwait Times reiterated the Kuwait Interior Ministry had arrested three Kuwaiti nationals on August 13th along with confiscating 19 tons of weapons and ammunition alongside the Iraq-Kuwait border. The Kuwaiti public prosecutor accused 24 individuals, including an Iranian national on spying for Tehran and the Lebanese Hezbollah, and on conspiring for terrorist measures in Kuwait. Court hearings for these suspects will begin on September 15th.