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Syria: casualties suffered by Assad forces, Hezbollah in Zabadani


Syrian rebels in Zabadani
Syrian rebels in Zabadani
A senior Assad army officer and 8 others of his inner circle were killed in recent battles around Damascus, Orient TV reported on Sunday, August 30th. A number of Hezbollah militants were also killed in clashes east of the town of Zabadni. Assad troops attempted to enter the city through two axes and Syrian rebels responded with heavy fire.
Following this defeat Assad warplanes attacked Zabadani and dropped 22 barrel bombs. Assad’s forces also launched a number of high explosive surface-to-surface missiles on the town that inflicted massive damages to various buildings.
It is worth noting that Iran is insisting the locals of Zabadani and its fighters evacuate the town in order to change the social texture of this area and station its own proxies in this city. To this day Tehran’s efforts have been futile.