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Iran: senior IRGC commander killed in Latakia, Syria


IRGC commanders & intelligence foot-soldiers killed in Syria
IRGC commanders & intelligence foot-soldiers killed in Syria
The website belonging to Quds Force chief Qassem Suleimani reported on Wednesday, August 26th the death of a senior Revolutionary Guards commander by the name of Ahmad Hayari killed in Syria. He was the commander of an IRGC battalion in the city of Shush while in Iran.
10 days he had gone to Syria and was involved in battles in Latakia where he was killed by Syrian opposition fighters.
It is worth noting that on August 25th state-run news agencies reported an intelligence agent by the name of Mohammad Hassan Hosseini was killed in battles in the town of Zabadani. This individual was active as a reporter for the mullahs’ TV stations in Syria when he was injured with mortar shrapnel fired by Syrian rebels.
Furthermore, on Saturday, August 22nd another individual by the name of Hossein Morteza, head of Iran’s Press TV and al-Alam TV stations in Syria was attacked in Dera’a. His spinal cord and hip were injured and he has been transferred to Beirut for medical treatment.