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Iran: I was arrested before my girl’s very eyes


Women in harsh conditions in Iran prisons
Women in harsh conditions in Iran prisons

Political prisoner Sedighe Moradi wrote a letter from inside prison referring to the pressures and restrictions jailed mothers are facing.
“I want to start this piece from days and years long ago. The years that cannot be forgotten. I am talking about 1981 when I spent my youth years behind bars. I was in prison for four years. I surpassed that era with a number of mothers. Mothers who were arrested along with their children, or were pregnant and gave birth to in prison. Four years ago in 2011 when they raided our home and arrested me, my daughter, Yasaman was still 11 years old. I was arrested before her eyes full of tears. This separation was very hard for me. When I met her for the first time in the meeting hall she wouldn’t raise her head so that her tears wouldn’t start pouring down… Now, why should a mother and daughter only be allowed a meeting once every 15 days? We don’t even have access to a telephone. I know that my daughter will never forget these harsh days.”

 (NCRI Women’s Committee – August 18, 2015)