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Iran: judiciary commission evaluates women’s punishment!


Women under increasing crackdown in Iran
Women under increasing crackdown in Iran

Mohammad Ali Esfanani, a member of Iran’s so-called parliament referred to a bill under review in the judiciary commission on actions against women under the pretext improper veiling.
“Article 1 and 2 of the Protection of Virtue and Hijab were confirmed. Article 1 states if a vehicle is seen with a passenger with improper veiling, the driver will be fined 1 million rials (around $30). Article 2 refers to government offices and organizations where if government employees are seen without proper hijab, their salaries will be lowered. These two articles were passed by the commission. They must be confirmed by the parliament to have them informed to the public and implemented,” he said. (State-run Fars news agency – August 17, 2015)