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Al Arabiya: Maliki is 1st suspect in Iraq corruption cases


Iraqis demonstrating & protesting corruption
Iraqis demonstrating & protesting corruption

Al Arabiya TV aired a program on Tuesday, August 18th listing the names of the suspects in the Mosul collapse file. This TV station placed former Iraqi prime minister Nouri Maliki as the first suspects in these cases:
Suspect number one: Nouri Maliki
9 June 2014: ISIS attacks Mosul
10 June 2014: Mosul falls


List of accusations raised the following charges against Nouri Maliki:
- neglecting security concerns
- citing false and suspicious reports
- no decisive decision making after the fall of Mosul
- corruption inside Maliki’s military ranks
- Maliki relying on his own supporters instead of trusting military commanders
- lack of accountability