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Iran: 20 provinces report young women unemployment soaring above 40%


Unemployment soaring amongst young Iranian women
Unemployment soaring amongst young Iranian women

The Iran Census Center published its statistics report covering March 2014 to March 2015. These numbers show unemployment amongst young women reaching 40% in 20 provinces across the country. 9 provinces have unemployment soaring 40% while six others are above a shocking 50%, the state-run IRNA news agency reported. 3 other provinces have reported rates at above a whopping 60%, while 2 provinces have 70% of the women reported as unemployed.
The provinces of Kohgilaviye & Boyer Ahmad and Chahar Mahal & Bakhtiari have unemployment rates above 70% for young women. These numbers in Ilam, Fars and Mazandaran province are above 60%.
Urban areas report unemployment rates for young women at 54.5% and rural areas at 24.8%.
The three provinces of Chahar Mahal & Bakhtiari and also Lorestan have these rates skyrocketing at 80%, whereas 60% of all students entering the country’s universities and colleges are women.

(State-run IRNA news agency – July 28, 2015)