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Iran: 2 political prisoners write letter to UN rapporteur


Shahrokh Zamani and Saeed Shirzad
Shahrokh Zamani and Saeed Shirzad
Shahrokh Zamani and Saeed Shirzad, two labor activists and political prisoners detained in Rajaie Shahr Prison of Karaj, wrote a letter to Ahmed Shaheed, the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran, asking for special attention to the rights of workers in this country. This letter reads:
Dear Mr. Ahmed Shaheed
Considering the fact that in the coming days you will be issuing your report to the UN Human Rights Council, we are asking you to evaluate in your report the status of workers in this country.
Currently Iran’s labor class, consisting of over 14 million people, is living in inhumane conditions: Receiving a salary that is 1/4th of the poverty line, not allowing any protest rallies, crackdown of the May 1 demonstrations and all other labor rallies, and the crackdown and detention of a large number of teachers in recent protests.
We labor activists in prison are asking you to follow up on the demands of workers in Iran, and we also request that your mandate be extended by the UN Human Rights Council.
Shahrokh Zamani, Saeed Shirzad - Ghezel Hessar Prison