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Iran: protests reported in Tehran, Nahavand, Astara and West Islamabad


Protest rallies in Iran [File Photo]
Protest rallies in Iran [File Photo]
In the city of Nahavand, more than 200 people rallied outside the plundering institution of ‘Tolu Hadian’, protested the fact that their money was stolen by regime officials. Security agents attacked the protesters, which they resisted and more than of them were arrested in this gathering.
On Saturday, July 25th workers of the Ports and Maritime Office in the city of Astara (northern Iran) protested the regime’s refusal to extend their contracts. They also demanded job security.
In West Islamabad a group of people in the Nur complex protested the regime’s refusal of providing them the homes they have paid for.
In Tehran a group of women rallied outside the Iran Volleyball Federation and protested the restrictions imposed by the mullahs’ regime on women being banned from entering sports stadiums.


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