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Breaking News: A deal has been reached on Iran nuclear program


IAEA director General, Yukio Amano
IAEA director General, Yukio Amano

As CNN reports, a few minutes ago one of the issues that has been a stumbling block in the possible military dimensions of the Iranian regime nuclear program, that Iran haven’t had answered about the possible military use of its nuclear technology has been  settled.
The IAEA director General, Yukio Amano announced a few minutes ago said that he believes that he has agreement and commitments from the Iranian side to answer its possible military dimension. There has been 12 questions that the IAEA had raised with Iran during past two years, but the Iranian regime has answered only one out of these 12 outstanding questions. He now feels that he would be able to issue report by the 15th of December this year that will allow the world to see that Iran is answering its PMD questions.
Director General Yukio Amano said: "I have just signed the road map between Iran and the IAEA for the clarification of past and present outstanding issues regarding Iran’s nuclear program. The text has been signed on behalf of Iran by the country’s vice president Ali Akber Salehi. This is a significant step forward towards clarifying outstanding issues regarding Iran’s nuclear program."
CNN added that this is just the first step towards a path way to hearing more details of the agreement that everyone is expecting.



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