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Iran: clashes between people, regime agents in Tehran & Kermanshah



On Wednesday, July 8th, the cities of Tehran and Kermanshah witnessed people resisting against regime agents that were bothering people under the pretext of breaking fast in the month of Ramadan.
In Kermanshah people clashed with regime agents that lead to a series of clashes in various neighborhoods. In all these clashes people and the youth showed their hatred toward the regime’s security forces.
In Tehran clashes erupted between storeowners and security forces when a Bassij member started bothering a family inside a vehicle. This led to a severe beating for the Bassij agent and other people in their cars cheered on the family and protested the Bassij agents, forcing them to flee the scene.


At another such clash in Tehran’s bazaar security forces in the Nosser Khosrow Avenue began harassing street vendors by confiscating their belongings. However, they were faced with stiff resistance from the people and received a severe beating. One street vendor went unconscious and was taken to a hospital by the people and raising their anger. This forced the regime’s remaining agents to flee the scene.
It is worth reminding that the Iranian regime’s president Hassan Rouhani presented a plundering plan to increase taxes and extortion on street vendors, all under the pretext of providing ID cards for the street vendors. However, these street vendors who can barely make ends meet have refused to give in to such evil plans.