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Iran: 200,000 families barely make ends meet in Tehran alone


Poverty stricken people in Iranian capital
Poverty stricken people in Iranian capital

The state-run Jomhouri daily, close to the Rafsanjanj-Rouhani faction, published is editorial on July 4th revealing some shocking facts from inside Iran:
“Considering all the animosity and the circumstances in the world and the region, we are becoming more and more dependent on a culture of a resistant economy to solve many problems in production and consumption, and the distribution of the wealth in our country. There are over 200,000 families barely making ends meet in Tehran and desperately providing food on their tables –as the Tehran mayor has said – and also this harsh reality that there are over 15 million people living in poverty.”
This state-run daily also shed light on another aspect of all the thefts and plundering by the ruling clerics.
“In the holy month of Ramadan, despite all the reminders about the necessity to put away all the greed and pay closer attention to the needy, the consumption, exceeding and huge wastes of God’s gifts in our society has reached such a high extent that one cannot see this as being in line with an Islamic society.”



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