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Iran: life without water, gas or education in Sistan & Baluchistan


Water shortages in Iran under the mullahs rule
Water shortages in Iran under the mullahs rule

Hamid Reza Pashang, a member of Iran’s so-called parliament from Sistan and Baluchistan said on Saturday, July 4th that poverty is growing in this province. This area lacks living necessities such as proper access to water, gas and education. However, its markets are full of low-quality Chinese goods that are smuggled into the country.
“Most of the people in Sistan and Baluchistan are living in poverty and in some villages people have to walk around 4 kilometers to get access to drinking water,” he said.
“200,000 children and youths in this province are deprived of any education, and only 50% of those entering schools are able to actually receive their diplomas. Furthermore, one third of all the classrooms do not meet any standards, as the floor and walls are made of dirt,” Pashang added.
Sistan & Baluchistan Province covers 1/11th of Iran’s entire area, yet the province capital doesn’t have natural gas services.



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